Male Toydarian tactician + agitator


The Toydarian Vizzini is the leader of a group of mercs/bounty hunters hired by the Chiss Imperial Govenor Humperdink Rug’en and Commodore Tyrone Rug’en to recover the beautiful Pantoran Buttercup, who was (unwillingly) pledged to be married to Humperdink before she was kidnapped/rescued by the infamous pirate Robert Dread and the crew of the pirate ship Revenge (which includes among others, the Devaronian Inigo Montoya and Whiphid Fezzik). The primary motivation for the pirates interrupting the marriage of Humperdink Rug’en’s marriage was so that Inigo could get revenge by proxy against Tyrone Rug’en. Tyrone Rug’en had previously shot Inigo’s father dead. The instructions were for Vizzini to kill Inigo and anyone else who gets in the way. Here is Vizzini’s character sheet.



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