Red Talon: Wanted Dead Or Alive

Session 13

Conning Jabba to Settle a Debt


About 6 months ago, Karsten andJ-8 interfered with the theft of a 200 year old blood oath dagger (with Emil Mola‘s blood on it) by a cyber samurai from Crev Bombassa’s private collection on the top floor of the Grand Erwithat Hotel on Pembric II and returned the dagger to Bombassa.

Shortly thereafter Baron Aalto Endel introduced himself to the PCs and informed Karsten and J-8 that by interfering with the theft of the dagger they had incurred a debt to Emil Mola. Since then, Karsten and J-8 have been given a series of tasks, one at a time, that they must complete in order to repay their debt. These have been the recovery of the blood oath dagger, obtaining a live Ysalamir from the planet Myrkr, and stealing the “experimental bacta tank” from Arkanian Microtechnologies’ headquarters on Vohai.

Thad Bane, Tal Lee (a.k.a. Tal Seario), Vaesha Tarn, M4-RK and Andra have helped Karsten and J-8 to accomplish these tasks.

About two months ago, they delivered the experimental bacta tank to a Macander Heavy Ores facility on the planet Tallaan in the Tapani free worlds region. When they delivered it, they were informed that they only had one task left to complete, a relatively simple transport job, that wouldn’t be ready for a few months. Something Andra had questioned Baron Endel about incredulously, and received a “yes” as confirmation.

As they were about to depart Tallaan, a Czerka hit squad gunning for Tal Seario blew up their ship, The Red Talon while in a docking bay leased to Macander Heavy Ores. To escape Tallaan, Tal used his father’s nearly unlimited funds credits stick to buy The Redshift Raven, a highly modified CEC consular class light cruiser for 5 million credits. The narrow escape convinced Tal that he needed to deal with his Czerka related problems.

In the last two months, Tal has been elected CEO of Czerka, dealt with the kill bounty, gotten married to Arica Wertko (now Arica Wertko Seario), chosen to remain on Nar Shaddaa to pursue this new life, and gifted The Redshift Raven to Thad Bane who has been his friend since childhood when Thad and his father rescued Tal from the wreckage of the starship crash that had killed Tal’s parents.

What had convinced assassins across the galaxy that the risk associated with attempting to a kill Tal Seario far outweighed the reward was 5 different holovids of a failed assassination attempt by an elite hit squad lead by Boba Fett. Thanks partially to assistance from Thad’s uncle, Cad Bane, an old friend of Karsten named Rina Ka, every member of the elite hit squad except Boba Fett were killed in the attempt. The 5 holovids also captured Thad Bane executing what likely is the fastest quickdraw ever recorded (two triumphs and 3 success) to out draw (and kill) famed Mandalorian gunslinger Myria Vondin (who rolled 1 triumph and 5 successes on the quick draw initiative check). In the past two weeks, these recordings have been re-broadcasted over the holonet by an unknown multitude on news shows across the galaxy, and Thad Bane has become an overnight holonet celebrity and is now quite possibly has the most widely recognized face of any being in the galaxy.

Now when Thad walks into seedy cantina’s some beings “discretely” get up and walk out the back door. Other petty criminals with an arrest warrant out on them for say failure to pay parking tickets or child support and alimony walk up to Thad show him holos of the minimal bounties on themselves in order to get holorecordings of themselves being apprehended by THE Thad Bane. It was fun at first but now that the novelty has worn off is starting to be a bit tedious.

To keep such occurrences from interfering with more important matters. Andra has booked a few public appearance events for Thad where the police are on hand and petty criminals can turn themselves in to get holo-recordings of Thad Bane putting binders on them and turning them into the police to collect the minimal bounties. More than a few normally upstanding citizens have shown of to such events heavily intoxicated so that they could also be issued tickets for public intoxication by police and then be arrested by Thad Bane.

In response Andra started arranging the very overpriced sale of top shelf liquor (provided by Grondo of course) at a cash bar at these events to facilitate interested parties getting the ticket for public intoxication. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the alcohol is donated to local law enforcement to help pay for the large number of police speeder vans and posh “drunk tanks” where these wealthy individuals sleep off their intoxication.

Since Andra has been handling such public relations for Thad on Nar Shaddaa, Ousan Draykon sent her holonet mail inquiring as to whether Thad Bane would consider having him auction off the Kamperdine jacket, and holster Thad wore and the Raider Arms Model-1 “nova viper” blaseter pistol Thad used to outdraw and kill Myria Vondin the next time they were on Coruscant for a 50-50 split, he would start the bidding would start at 50,000 credits.

The session begins In a private room in Grondo’s palace on Nal Hutta, Karsten, J-8, Thad Bane, Vaesha, M4-RK, Andra, Grondo, and Grondo’s muscle (his bodyguard “Bernard” who you’ve seen before and and the Gank Han Vane) are present. No translator droid is present, but the PCs see the room being swept for bugs. The technicians leave and Andra and M4-RK resweeps for bugs. Grondo talks in basic (first time the PCs heard him do this) to avoid the need of a translator droid.

Grondo hands an object to Andra and says:
use this device provided by the Ziggurat to establish a secure comm channel,

and Andra plugs the space flash drive into the comm station.
Baron Alto Endel appears as a hologram on one side of the table:

Hello all, the last task needed to fufill Karsten’s and J-8’s obligation to Mr. Mola is ready for you to undertake. Although it is a fairly simple transport job, it does require some subtlety, and if things go sideways it could become very dangerous very fast. For this reason, Grondo has made arrangements for additional muscle to help make sure things go according to plan.

Baron Endel pauses, Grondo nods, and Bernard and Han Vane step forward.
Endel continues:

Please come to “Ziggy’s” (he says “Ziggy’s” with a pause, smile, and inflection) residence on Coruscant to pick up the cargo, the coordinates are in the encryption device enabling this secure communication and can only be accessed by Vaesha Tarn and Andra acting in concert. Once here, you will receive further instructions in person. Good day

The comm terminates.
As a cover for our visit to Coruscant, and with Thad Bane’s permission, I’ve arranged an auction of Thad’s nova-viper, holster, and Kamperdine armored tailored jacket that he used when he outdrew the gunslinger Myria Vondin during the assassination attempt against Tal led by Boba Fett. Actually Ousan Draykon had initially contacted me inquiring about the possibility of allowing him to auction it off once Thad Bane became quite possibly the most recognizable sentient in the galaxy. He’s developed quite a fan base. You encountered Ousan during your first job for his immenseness Grondo, he is the owner of the Auction house where Grondo’s datachip was to be auctioned off and it was his nephew Baku that was about to rape Vaesha when J-8 blew his brains out. Ziggy disguised their appearance in the security and other holovids taken that day, but Vaesha and J-8 should not venture into the auction house to avoid being potentially recognized by organics. The auction has already been publicized and a private and shielded landing pad has been arranged; the Mola Cartel, with electronic countermeasure assistance from Ziggy, will be providing security for the Redshift Raven while it is docked.

A replacement jacket and holster have been specially commissioned for Thad, and we will obtain it at Suriban Hai’s shop after the auction. Like last time, we will use the secret turbolift in Hai’s shop to exit by alternate means while doppelgangers of you exit the front door with new gear. At that point we will use this device provided by Ziggy to determine our route to Ziggy’s residence.

The flight to Coruscant is uneventful, and the Raven is immediately cleared approach to the landing pad, flying past an Imperial Star Destroyer on the way down. The Raven touches down on a landing pad that extends horizontally from a sky scraper/tower. The pad retracts horizontally into the tower and the hanger is shielded. The PCs are greeted by Mola’s guards led by the cyber samurai that Karsten and J-8 tangled with on Pembric II.

Mola’s agent says
I will personally ensure that no one accesses your ship until you return.

Several of the saber rakes the PCs saw in Endel’s office on Aleron are also present.

The PCs take a turbolift down to the base of the tower, to two waiting speeders.

Han Vane, Karsten, Thad, Andra, and Bernie take one of the speeders to the auction house. Vaesha, M4-RK, and J-8 take the second speeder to
Suriban Hai’s shop.

Glossed over the auction but say that Thad Bane stands on stage does a blinding fast quick draw as part of the sales pitch, uses his “Biggest fan” talent to set the winning bid at the auction, but substituting a quick draw (cool skill) check for the charm check. The quick draw initiative check gets 2 boost dice (because Thad is famous), and an upgrade from quickdraw talent (instead of a charm charm) vs. 3 purple dice. The number of uncancelled successes add 10K each, number of uncancelled advantages as 5K each, triumphs add an extra 10K in addition to counting as successes, base is 25K, uncancelled failures deduct 5K uncancelled threat deduct 2K. Thad’s half of the winning bid was 65K.

Thad gets 65K credits transferred to his credit stick, gets a holovid taken of him handing the items to the auction winner and signing a certificate of authenticity. Puts on catch vest temporarily. Leaves.

The PCs meet up at Suriban Hai’s shop. Thad gets his new jacket and custom holster.

GM: Anyone else want to buy something? Andra picks up 5 stimpacks.

Secret turbolift ride down (lower this time), the PCs get out via a different door to a private hanger with a speeder that two of Mola’s agents are guarding.

Andra: The Mola Cartel paid for the recent extension of the turbolift shaft and the construction of this alternate exit.

Sweep for bugs, none. Inside the limo-speeder is a mini bar (which Karsten takes a bottle of alchohol from and drinks) and a device that Andra plugs the space flash drive into. The handle of the flash drive take thumb scans from both Vaesha and Andra, then the air speeder autopilots a route goes down a deep hole to a lower level. The speeder stops in a shielded docking bay, the PCs disembark and take a turbolift to a private train/subway, take that to another turbolift, up up up, to the top of Coruscant. They emerge inside a force shield dome, outside a very pleasant and chic residence. There is a manicured yard/garden and a big house on top of whatever this skyscraper is.

The front door opens and a droid says:
Come in please, you have been expected.

Baron Endel walks down a staircase and says:
Greetings, let me take you to Mr. Ziggy and we will brief you on this mission.

The PCs walk up one level to a floor that looks like it belongs in the latest and greatest hospital credits can buy. There are multiple rooms, and Endel leads the PCs to a corner room where there’s a very sickly, somewhat emaciated male in the hospital bed with a cybernetic brain implant (one of those head things that Lobot wears). The emaciated man in the hospital bed blinks and then a mechanical voice comes from a speaker.

Hello Vaesha, I am happy I got to see you in person again, I feared I might die before now.

And the emaciated man in the hospital bed blinks again. The PCs recognize the mechanical voice as the one Ziggy has used to communicate with them over their comlinks before. Vaesha wants to ascertain that this emaciated man is in fact Ziggy so she goes over to him and whispers something in his ear, a secret they shared from when they were both children boosting speeders on Coruscant, but as a questions with a yes (blink once) or no (blink twice) answer, Ziggy blinks the correct answer.

Ziggy explains that he has a degenerative wasting genetic disorder, which affects his muscles and other organs but not his brain or nervous system. He tells them that he is dying.

J-8 asks:
no offense but why don’t you have your brain transplanted into a superior droid body.

Ziggy answers:
Funny you should mention that, I need your help in getting to a facility that can transplant my brain into another body, a clone of someone else. Emil Mola is in a similar predicament.

Baron Endel explains that:
Mr. Mola is indeed on Tatooine and Jabba did feed Mola, or at least his body, to the Sarlacc but before that happened Mr. Mola bribed the B’omarr Monks still living in Jabba’s palace into removing his brain from his body and hiding it among the brain jars of the B’omarr monks. You see Jabba’s palace was originally a B’omarr monastery and since they did not resist his takeover, Jabba allowed the B’omarr monks to stay. Their order has the peculiar practice of removing their monks brains from their bodies once they achieve enlightenment, so that they can meditate for centuries or even millennia. For the last two hundred or so years, my employer has been directing the Mola Cartel over the holonet from inside Jabba’s palace on Tatooine. Since any human alive 200 years ago would have long since died of old age, Jabba should now be certain that Mr. Mola is either dead and at least that his body is unrecoverable from the Sarlacc even if someone was inclined to mount a rescue operation. Thus Mola has decided that it is now relatively safe for him to make his return to the galaxy.

To maximize the chances of a successful transplant operation, Mr. Mola needed a clone of his original body, in the prime of its life. It was for this reason that Mola had you retrieve the two-hundred-year-old blood oath dagger with his DNA on it, the experimental bacta tank, which was actually a cloning cylinder, and the ysalamir. Mr. Ziggy uncovered a report by imperial scientists that a rapidly grown clone’s nervous system is destabilized by the force and that the ysalamir’s ability to generate an anti-force bubble should suppress this undesirable effect.

The clones that Mr. Mola’s and Mr. Ziggy’s brains will be transplanted into are in the next room, they have not yet been frozen in carbonite so that M4-RK can inspect them to determine that they are in fact mindless clones, to alleviate any qualms you might have about possibly participating in body snatching.

Next room over are two bodies in hospital beds, one human with an apparent age of about 20 galactic standard years, and a blue skinned male Twi’lek that… looks just like Ka’rin Bel.

Ziggy announces over speakers in his synthesized voice:
yes that is a clone of Ka’rin Bel. The original Ka’rin is one more room over, he suffered a tragic fall while attempting to flee from Mola’s agents. The fall left him brain dead and his body ruined. I had originally planned to have his brain transplanted into to the body of a female twi’lek, E’ves Zupo, who was forced to become a sex slave and eventually ended up brain dead because of Ka’rin; I figured that Ka’rin having to live out the life he ruined would have been poetic justice. But him becoming a vegetable just like E’ves will have to do; it’s not my first choice but it is sufficiently ironic anyway. Would you care to see the holovid of Ka’rin’s apprehension by Mola’s agents?

Vaesha says that she’d like to see it.

The holovid taken by a head cam worn by one of Mola’s agents show them chasing Ka’rin into a building and up stairs to the roof of a building, the PC’s recognize from the scenery that this happened on Nar Shaddaa. Mola’s agents corner Ka’rin on the roof and being desperate he tries to jump to a nearby building but doesn’t make it. Instead he falls down the alley, impacting on and bouncing off fire escapes etc, going “splat” at the bottom. The holovid recording shows Mola’s agents going back down the stairs to recover what’s left of Ka’rin, he’s still alive barely, and they place him in a cryo freeze bag to keep him alive until they can get him back to a medical facility.

M4-RK scans the clones and the original Ka’rin and E’ves and which show no brain waves indicative of higher brain functions. Then the clones of Mola and Ka’rin are frozen in carbonite.

Ziggy continues
In case you’re wondering why I chose to have my brain transplanted into a clone of Ka’rin, one reason is that any clone of my own body would also have the genetic disorder that’s killing me now. And… well… since Vaesha obviously finds Ka’rin physically attractive and I’m hoping that maybe we can have a life together after this is over and if Vaesha found me attractive and biologically compatible that might improve my chances.

Every PC (including the droids) look down out their feet awkwardly not wanting to have to deal with/respond to that statement.

While the clones are being frozen in carbonite (by an Ugnaught technician) Endel explains that
The carbon-freezing is part of the plan to sneak Mr. Mola’s and Mr. Ziggy’s new bodies into Jabba’s palace, Andra would you care to explain the rest.

Officially, you will be delivering a gift from his immenseness Grondo to Jabba, 50 lowlifes that Jabba put bounties on frozen in carbonite. It was the Mola Cartel that actually captured and froze them in carbonite. It also served as an adequate test to ensure that the carbon-freezing process was safe. The clones of Mr. Mola and Ka’rin Bel, along with Mr. Ziggy will be snuck into Jabba’s palace frozen in carbonite, hidden among the bounties. Jabba is likely to inspect the bounties and then throw a party which we will partake in. And you like a party so we will all be attending. While this is happening, the transplant surgeries will occur in a part of the palace still under the control of the B’omarr Monks. And then Bernard will sneak Mola and Ziggy out of the palace and back aboard the Redshift Raven. As a backup, in case you leave before the surgeries are complete, Bernard will transport Mola and Ziggy to Mos Eisley in a speeder provided by the B’omarr Monks.

I’m sure that you are all aware that Jabba is the most powerful Hutt alive, so his immenseness Grondo is taking a great risk by participating in this deception, but he has decided that the reward of a continued favorable relationship with the Mola Cartel is worth the risk. However, subtlety is still required. I, Thad, Vaesha, Karsten, J-8, M4-RK, and Han Vane will present the gift to Jabba while Bernard, Grondo’s personal bodyguard will protect Mola and Ziggy during their surgery. Let me do the talking, and if Jabba asks you if you were the ones who captured these bounties, tell him “no” and that you are merely serving as an honor guard for the delivery of Grondo’s tribute to the great and mighty Jabba.

Upon the successful exfiltration of Mr. Mola to Grondo’s palace on Nal Hutta, Karsten’s and J-8’s debt to Mr. Mola will be fulfilled and Mr. Mola will provide Thad, Vaesha, M4-RK, and J-8 with a marker that can be traded in for a favor from the Mola Cartel at some point in the future. We also hope that you will all consider free-lancing for the Mola Cartel in the future. Any questions?

Vaesha, my dear friend, even if we never become more than friends, I need your help now. This transplant is my last chance at escaping my genetic death sentence. By the time another clone is grown, I will not be strong enough to survive the carbon freezing process. Please help me live, save my life, and I will always be grateful to you, and to your friends as well.

Karsten, I realize you don’t particularly care for me, but I have saved your life on more than one occasion, not least by convincing Mr. Mola to allow you to work off your debt to him instead of just having you killed. I can also offer you payment for your services now. I’ve taken the liberty to having a custom ion shielded strength enhancing cybernetic arm crafted by one of the galaxy’s leading cyber docs as a replacement for your current cybernetic arm, it was designed and built to your physical and genetic specifications. I figured that it would be something that you would be interested in.

Ziggy gets frozen in carbonite. Airspeeder transport the 3 carbonite slabs and directly from Ziggy’s residence to a different landing pad/bay in the same tower as the Redshift Raven, shielded, door closes, there are 50 more carbonite slabs in the landing bay. PC’s have a chance to inspect them. Everything is as described.

Load up the Redshift raven, Karsten, J-8, and M4-RK supervise the loading to make sure nothing else is snuck onboard the Raven. Then they fly to Diyu, a world in Hutt space.

Hutt Space photo HuttSpace_zpswxm49znx.jpg

The Raven lands inside a large warehouse/carbon-freezing-facility controlled by Grondo. They refuel the Raven and wait enough time to have loaded up the Raven. As the crew that “loaded” the Raven disembark, and head back into the factory, another group of 4 worker’s/muscle show up to help with the unloading once they get to Tatooine. The additional muscle is inspected, they are carrying weapons but that was expected.

The Raven’s fly to Tatooine, land out in front of Jabba’s palace.

Andra walks down the ramp of the Redshift Raven and to the front gate, the little droid eye on a pole pops out and asks her business in Hutteese.

Andra replies:
I come bearing a gift, a tribute, from my master his immenseness Grondo Anjiliac to the illustrious Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Andra steps back sideways and sweeps out her arm to the carbon frozen bounties being unloaded from the Redshift Raven by Benard and the 4 or so workers/muscle that boarded the Raven on Diyu.

These carbonite slabs contain [derogatory hutteese word] that the mighty Jabba have placed bounties on for their crimes against him. My master Grondo offers these [same derogatory hutteese word] to the mighty Jabba as a sign of his respect for Jabba in the hope of friendship and mutual cooperation in future endeavors with the mighty Jabba.

By this time the Thad Bane, Karsten Eshan, J-8, M4-RK, Vaesha, and Han Van
The droid initially says to leave the [same derogatory hutteese word] and go away without bothering Jabba but after 23 carbonite slabs (with no sign of stopping anytime soon) have been unloaded the gates (as opposed to just the normal sized door in the gates) open, Bib Fortuna comes out with 6 Gamorrean guards and 3 Weequay in tow. Fortuna walks over to and amidst the growing “clump” of carbonite slabs comparing them against a list of names/faces on his data pad, and points out 3 of the slabs to the Weequay, and then motions inside. Jabba’s Weequay bring those 3 inside and then turns to face Andra and the crew of the Redshift Raven. It is clear that he recognizes Andra and Thad Bane, and notices that the “clump” of carbonite slabs continues to grow.

Bib Fortuna to Andra:
My master Jabba accepts the tribute from Grondo Anjiliac. You and the bounty hunters may now enter my master’s palace for an audience with him. For now, your workers will remain outside.

They pass Boba Fett on their way to Jabba’s thrown room (he passes by without giving them a second look), Jabba greets them with a hearty laugh, speaking in Hutteese he instructs Andra to thank her master Grondo for his generous tribute.

“med techy minions” come in, scan the 3 carbonite slabs brought in by the weequay, they show the results to Jabba on a datapad, he instructs them to thaw these three out, they thunk to the floor shiver, curl into a fetal position, one asks
where am I, why can’t I see?

Jabba bellows a laugh in return. The med techy minions med scan the thawed out lowlifes, and tell the one who asked that he can’t see because he has hibernation sickness, and show the results to Jabba.

Jabba bellows in huttese:

Thawed out guy:
I know that laugh, Jabba, Jabba? I’ve got your money, at least I had your money, I was just on my way to pay you back when these guys jumped me and…

Jabba (in hutteese):
Silence, I will deal with you later. Now I want to speak with these honored guests.

Turning to look at Thad Bane he says in Hutteese:
Duros, I have seen holovids of you outdrawing Myria Vondin. I am curious are they accurate or were they trick photography/digitally enhanced.

They’re real, not trick photography, I really am that fast

Show me! fetch Alexandro

Andra to Thad:
Alexandro is a semi-famous blaster slinger that Jabba sometimes employs as a bounty hunter, he’s fast, you’re faster, keep your cool and you’ve got this

I know who he is.

Alexandro walks in, Hispanic with a hat and camo poncho, he slide’s the poncho out of the way and unclips the strap on his holster, he’s trying to look cool but you can see that he’s nervous.

Alexandro, you seem kind of nervous, and I haven’t been paid to kill you, if it would help you focus, we could do this with our blasters set to stun. Your call.

Alexandro gladly accepts Thad’s offer and adds thanks, he’s not even trying to show false bravado at this point.

Thad barely wins the quick draw cool check (thanks to his player post-facto flipping a destiny point to get to roll an extra green die). Alexandro goes down stumbling.

Jabba instructs
best 2 out of 3

After the effect of the stun has worn off on Alexandro, they go again. This time Thad gets one triumph on the roll, Thads’ quick draw takes place across about 5 or frames in the holovid recording. Alexandro goes down again.

Jabba bellows:
Again, best 3 out of 5

Again there’s a delay while Alexandro recovers from the previous stunning. This time Thad rolls 2 triumphs, in the holo recording in one frame Thad’s hand is by his hip and in the next it’s pointed forward holding the blaster pistol with a stun pulse leaving the barrel. Alexandro’s hand never even touched his pistol before he got stunned again, into unconsciousness this time..

Jabba reviewing the holovids, cheers
Excelent, that is what I was hoping to see, I am satisfied in your skills duros. Now we celebrate.

During celebration, the rest of the lowlifes frozen in carbonite are brought in. Bernie sneaks, Ziggie, and the clones of Emil Mola and Ka’rin Bel into the B’omarr monks and their surgeries begin. Part of the celebration is Jabba tormenting the 3 lowlifes thawed out of the carbonite, taunting them and having his Gamorrean guards kick them every so often. Eventually one of the lowlifes gives a defiant retort and Jabba presses the trap door button which drops the lowlife into the Giant Sand Grab pit (this is before Jabba acquired the Rancor).

The Gamorrean guard Ke’Vin who had been kicking the lowlife at Jabba’s instruction, Han Vane and Karsten Eshan also fell through the trap door into the pit. The four of them faced off against the Giant Sand Crab and 5 of its offspring. Karsten shot it while using the blind (because of hibernation sickness) lowlife as a human shield. Then it attacked the human shield trying to get at Karsten (it bit off the lowlifes legs from above the knees). Han Vane cut off the crab’s two forearm pincers and then slid under it and gutted it with his first attack (narration of a triumph and a >150 crit on Han Vane’s first attack roll of the campaign).

Ke’Vin killed one of the creatures young, and Karsten killed another, while the remaining three tried to drag their mother away from the bipedal intruders in their den. Andra put the bleeding out lowlife out of his misery with a head shot.

Jabba held Ke’Vin, Han Vane, and Karsten (and by extension the rest of the PCs) responsible for replacing his dead Giant Sand Crab with a young Krayt dragon.

Karsten asked Andra if Grondo might happen to have a young Krayt dragon stashed away somewhere that they could give to Jabba, she says no.

So the PCs get ready to go out to hunt down and capture a young Krayt dragon. The PCs each packed a condensing canteen to take with them.

By this time, Emil Mola’s and Ziggy’s brain transplant operations had succeeded and Bernie had snuck them back aboard the Redshift Raven. The extra muscle Grondo had sent along stayed with the ship, and so did Vaesha to watch over Mola and Ziggy as they recovered from their surgery. Vaesha also stayed with the ship so that she could provide an emergency evac for the rest of the PCs in case they needed it.

The PCs took one of Jabba’s sand skiffs out to Beggar’s Canyon, towing an appropriately sized repuslorlift supported trailer cage begin them.

When they were in Beggar’s Canyon looking for a Krayt dragon, a sandstorm enveloped him. Andra had scanner goggles to protect her eyes and a breath mask. Karsten like most of the rest of the PCs had scanner goggles but no breath mask. They parked the sand skiff by the mouth of a cave and took shelter in it. With the help of the scanner googles they were able to see inside the rather dark cave. They saw the remains of some biped, judging from the short tattered robe, they guessed it was a Jawa.

Karsten cut strips off the Jawa’s robe to fashion makeshift masks to protect them from the sand storm in case they needed to venture back outside the cave before it had passed. A few of the PCs gagged at the stench on the cloth but it would still be preferable to choking to death on sand. Bernie said his he smelled 2 different species of rodent of the cloth handed to him. He guessed that one was the Jawa and the other scent was that of womp rats. They noticed bones scattered about the cave that looked like they had been gnawed on, and tunnels, crevices in the walls. This was the entrance to a den of womp rats.

They heard some scurrying from the tunnels and decided to set up a defensive position in a corner of the gave. No sooner had they done so than they were attacked by twelve rats, each between 2 and 3 meters. (Cue the obligatory The Princess Bride “Rodents Of Unusual Size, I don’t believe in them” quote).

J-8 pulled out his 2 plasma grenades and threw one at a clump of womp rats in short range, one died, the two next to it were severely injured. He offered the second grenade to anyone who wanted it. Thad grabbed the other grenade, ran out to get into short range of another clump of 3 womp rats, threw the grenade at them, severely all 3 of them, one more than the other two, then (spent 2 strain to gain an extra maneuver and) ran back to the rest of the PCs.

Then the womp rats charged the PCs defensive position, Thad, Han Vane, Ke’Vin, Karsten, and Bernie who were organic (and thus smelled like a tasty treat) and in the front row all got attacked by womp rats, one each except Bernie who got attacked by 3. The womp rats ignored M4-RK, who was also in the front row, because being a droid M4-RK did not smell like food. J-8 and Andra, who were behind the front line didn’t get attacked for that reason.

The womp rat that attacked Karsten, knocked him to the ground and pinning him. Not having the room to swing his vibro katana or shoot it with his blaster rifle, Karsten instead grab his vibro knife and opened the giant rats belly, spilling its guts (on him) and killing it. Karsten used his brawn to roll the corpse off of him.

A wounded (by the grenade) womp rat pounced on Thad Bane, knocking him over and biting him. Andra shot that womp rat with her blaster, killing it. However, Thad being pinned beneath it, did have a combination of strength and leverage sufficient to roll the dead womp rat off him. Han Vane fended off the womp rat that attacked him and killed it with his vibro katana. Another womp rat bit Ke’vin, who responded by splitting it’s skull with a well placed swing of his vibro ax. Bernie fended off two of the three womp rats that attacked him but the third got through, he responded by decapitating it with his own vibro ax and the spray of blood covered the face of one of the other womp rats that had attacked him temporarily blinding it. M4-RK struck a nerve in the neck of the other womp rat that had attacked Bernie with a two fingered strike.

Bernie then took a swing at the temporarily blinded womp rat and killed it. Han Van killed the last womp rat that M4-RK had pressure pointed. The hero’s dusted themselves off, and Thad Bane still trapped beneath a dead womp rat called out “Guys, a little help here please.” Karsten and Han Vane rolled the womp rat corpse off of Thad, who said “thanks” in response.

The party had a few minutes reprieve, during which Ke’Vin started scouting the narrow side tunnels that the womp rats had crawled out of. Then they heard a loud howl from out in the sand storm. M4-RK identified the howl as belonging to a Krayt dragon in a hunt out in the sand storm. J-8 hoped that the creature could be captured to fufill their debt to Jabba, so peered out into the sand storm. One successful easy (one purple difficulty die) xenology check with 5 boost die later, and J-8 determined that the Krayt dragon on the hunt was far far too large to be a juvenile.

Bernie had a concussion grenade, and the idea to feed it to the Krayt, Andra suggested having Bernie intimidate Ke’Vin to being a suicide snack bomber. Karsten pulled out a remote detonator (that he had on him thanks to a white to black destiny point flip), and M4-RK rigged the detonator to the concussion grenade, just in time for Karsten to shove it into the dead body of a womp rat and run back into the crevice/side tunnel in the back wall of the cave being pursued by the giant canyon Krayt dragon. It used it claws to chip away, dig at the back wall of the cave, but the PCs were able to retreat further back into the side tunnels faster than the Krayt could dig out the rock. So the Krayt dragon gave up and started chowing down on the convenient pile of dead womp rats.

Karsten had some experience with giant reptiles, so using the “talk the talk” talent, he substituted the streetwise skill for knowledge xenology, and was therefore able to remove two of the 5 setback dice (the Krayt dragon’s internal defense score was 5) using the streetsmarts talent in order to choose the optimal time to detonate the concussion grenade when the dead womp rat it was in was being swallowed by the Krayt. despite the 3 ranks of adversary, and 3 remaining set back dice, Karsten rolled enough successes, advantage, and triumph to get 2 points of damage after the Krayt’s soak was applied, activate the concussive quality to stagger it for 2 rounds, and a use the triumph for the concussion grenade cause the Krayt to projectile vomit up a Krayt dragon pearl which he caught in his mechanical hand.

M4-RK spend the next several rounds pressure pointing the unconscious Krayt to inflict 51 strain (strain threshold of 50) while using triumph to keep the creature unconscious longer, two despair were used to have the unconscious Krayt reflexively strike out, destroying M4-RK’s ion blaster and cyber scanner limb sensor. One the Krayt’s strain threshold was exceeded, 3 triumph was left over which were used to cause the Krayt to puke out 2 more Krayt dragon pearls, and have the “mamma Krayt” be in heat, and Bernie able to follow the blood trail back to it’s nest by scent. Before leaving, they did what they could to immobilize the mama Krayt with syntherope attached to boulders. It wouldn’t keep it trapped for ever but it would slow the creature down. M4-RK picked up, the dead jawa’s ion blaster as a replacement for the one destroyed by the mama Krayt.

Back at the mama Krayt’s nest they found a juvenile Krayt dragon which they captured by stunning it into submission. They delivered it to Jabba to fulfill their obligation to him. The PC’s purchased Ke’Vin’s contract from Jabba. Ke’Vin was happy to go with the PCs because he knew that Jabba was still displeased with him for being stupid enough to fall into the giant sand crab pit and participating in it’s killing. Thad Bane to Ke’Vin “Welcome aboard my ship, the Redshift Raven.” Ke’Vin was assigned a room at the back of the ship (near the rear turbolift) on the lowest deck (in an effort to isolate the expected stench). Ke’Vin was happy to have his own room, things were looking up for him.

The trip to Nal Hutta was uneventful. Emil Mola was delivered safely, fulfilling Karsten’s and J-8’s obligation to him. The 2 Krayt dragon pearls that Andra knew about were sold with the proceeds being split 50-50 (half for Grondo, the remaining half, i.e. 15,000 credits, being split equally among the PCs). Vaesha flew off into the sunset with Ziggy aboard Ziggy’s J-type star skiff which was waiting for them at Grondo’s palace.

Epilogue: Han Van mentioned that his father (who was possibly the best crafter of vibro weapons in Hutt space) would be interested in acquiring Karsten’s damage but still functional trophy lightfoil, and Karsten traded it to Han Vane’s father in exchange for Han Vane’s Father’s personal vibro katana. And Karsten sold the Krayt Dragon Pearl that he had caught and hidden to Han Vane’s father with the 15K credits split three ways between him, J-8 and Han Vane. Thad Bane who was aware of the alliances being formed on his ship, and being still flush with credits from the sale of his holster, nova-viper, and Kamperdine armored tailored jacket, tried to acquire Ke’Vin’s loyalty, by outfitting him with quality gear, including a heavy blaster rifle with a vibro bayonet, reinforced clothing (that supplied extra soak, ranged and melee defense, and a built in comlink among other things), stimpacks etc.



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