Star Wars
Red Talon: Wanted Dead Or Alive

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, shortly after the destruction of Alderaan, a con-man, Var Aruru, has used his “relationship” with Andra, a human fixer, to steal a data chip belonging to her employer, Grondo the Hutt. The data chip contains the locations and business ledgers of the Hutt’s criminal enterprises as well as for joint ventures with other member’s of the Hutt’s clan. Var Aruru plans to auction off the data chip on Corsucant. Interested parties include Hutts from other clans, Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, the Bothan Spynet, CorSec, ISB, …

Andra has hired the crew of the Red Talon to recover the data chip, destroy any copies that were made, and neutralize anyone who has accessed the chip.

The Red Talon’s crew consists of a four man team of bounty hunters: Thad Bane, a Duros lawman turned bounty hunter who is tracking his infamous uncle for killing his father; his partner, Tal Lee a human fringer with a penchant for rifles who is watching his friend’s six; their pilot, the lovely Twi’lek Vaesha Tarn, seeks to prove that she’s the best at what she does; while their mechanic/doctor droid M4-RK is an emergent AI who struggles against his behavioral inhibitors. To accomplish their mission, the crew of the Red Talon has teamed up with two more bounty hunters, Karsten Eshan, a human thug with criminal connections, and his partner J-8 a rebuilt and reprogrammed HK-50 assassin droid who is seeking the mysteries of his past.

The credits are good but this talented group of misfits faces stiffer opposition than they realize. The real battle is a shadowy chess match and not even Andra knows all the players. Her job as a fixer for Grondo the Hutt is to out think and out maneuver his opponents and get her team into a position where they will be the most effective at accomplishing the Hutt’s objectives. This is their story.

Red Talon: Wanted Dead Or Alive

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