Var Aruru

deceased conman/thief who stole Grondo the Hutt's datachip


Cad Bane sniped Var Aruru (head shot) after Var Aruru had revealed that he had only made 3 copies of the chip. Cad had put two of othe copies in the glove compartment of the party’s speeder (stunning Vaesha Tarn who had hidden in the speeder from Rina Ka). The third copy was enroute to kessel and the ship was due to have hyperdrive and life support malfunction in “about oh 14 minutes” according to Cad Bane’s chrono.


Former lover of Andra. She had real feelings for him, but he was only using her to get close to Grondo the Hutt so he could steal the data chip

Var Aruru

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