Vaesha Tarn

Hot Sarcastic Blue Twi'lek Female Pilot


Unlike the mini used to represent her, Vaesha doesn’t have a lightsaber.


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Vaesha was a street waif, who worked with a crew of other street waifs stealing speeders for a Toydorian named Quiglak on the lower levels of Coruscant. Vaesha never knew her parents. Quiglak gave a roof over the kids heads and a trade they could use to survive the mean streets. Regardless of his gruff and greedy demeanor towards the kids, he was a protective guardian in his way. Vaesha worked mostly with her best friend named Ziggy, a human who was an expert in breaking into speeders, where her natural skills as a pilot, she would get the vehicle out.

Things went well for years until something happened. Quiglak’s backers or rivals were able to put the squeeze on his organization and the kids. Eventually gangsters and Imperials went after the Quiglak’s crew. Ziggy and Vaesha escaped with their lives but were split up, Vaesha ended up on a smuggler’s ship owned by a human named Garren Tarn, but she never knew what happened to Ziggy and the others. Her fear of returning to Coruscant stays with her to this day. An unknown enemy is after her when she was a child and what happened to the other kids. She never talks about her time before becoming Garren Tarn’s ward with anyone.

Garren Tarn became like a father that Vaesha never had and she grew up learning the trade from him. Her natural skills as a pilot became an invaluable asset to Garren Tarn’s organization although small. Garren Tarn is to Vaesha her father and the only true person who ever really cared about her and why she took his last name. They smuggled, bounty hunted, etc to make a living.

Things went well for she and her “father” until she grew older and more restless like all teenagers, rebelling against her parental figure even if he was a scoundrel of sorts. That was a another Twi’lek she met named Ka’rin Bel, bad boy for all the wrong reasons that Vaesha fell head over heels for. This became and issue with she and Garren, whom her father never trusted and warned her, but she was in love and clouded by the emotion. Until she stormed off leaving her father and others for him.

On her own, Vaesha thought that things were well that she was away from her overbearing protective father as she and Ka’rin Bel traveled across to several planets. Ka’rin Bel convinced her that Pod Racing was the way to make money and no one would suspect a female Twi’lek to be such a great pilot. She won more than she lost with Ka’rin Bel betting on the outcomes. Things changed on Tattooine, they entered one of the infamous Pod Races there and with Vaesha playing the stereotypical ditzy Twi’lek female as part of their con, they were going to make that score they were going to be able to buy their own ship and a real Pod Racer to go into legitimate pod racing.

The Pod Race was exciting and amazing, people underestimated Vaesha as she won to the surprise of many, but not the young Twi’lek. To Vaesha and Ka’rin celebrated that night their victory, finally they would be able to go on with their future. When she woke with a heavy hang over, she discovered Ka’rin Bel had left her in the room a few days before and with the bill! He took all their winnings and left her leaving a not so flattering note gloating over using her.

Stuck with debt and a rage to wanting to find Ka’rin to rip his Lekku from his head with her bare hands, Vaesha was forced to make ends meet how she could. Even winning the Pod Race worked against her winning the race. Go to Garren Tarn again contacting him for help made her ashamed and sad, she knew she disappointed the old man feeling guilty about it. Helping out a Duros Bounty Hunter named Thad Bane and his partner on Tatooine was her ticket to pay off some of her debts and get off Tatooine. Her skills as a pilot and smuggler has become a valuable asset as she looks for the scum named Ka’rin Bel to get her revenge.

Vaesha Tarn

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