Thadius (Thad) Bane

Duros lawman/gunslinger/gambler Cad Bane's nephew


Duros colonist:marshal/sharpshooter


Nephew of Cad Bane. They come from a long line of law abiding and enforcing duros lawmen (mostly goody goody types); Cad was the black sheep of the family in that he decided to become a bounty hunter rather than a marshal. While pursuing a bounty Cad accidentally killed an innocent bystander, and his brother (father of Thadius) tried to take him in to face justice. The was a western style quick draw showdown, Thad’s father was faster but missed and his brother (Cad Bane) shot him dead. Young Thadius watched his father die. Thad grew up to be a goody goody Marshal, like his father, mostly. But since they day his father died he’s been preparing himself to take in his uncle, dead or alive, preferably dead. If his uncle didn’t resist Thad would take him in alive, but Thad is hoping that uncle Cad will resist. Thad is a lighting fast gunslinger (agility 4, Ranged light 5, presence 3, cool 3, quick draw) like his father (from the marshal spec), but he’s been honing his accuracy (sharpshooter) so that when he does shoot first, he also shoots last. About 5 years back, Thad knew he had plateaued… he wasn’t going to get any better as a marshal, he needed tougher opponents to challenge himself, and hone his skills for the day he draws down on his uncle. So Thad became a bounty hunter like the uncle he plans to take down. Thad has a marketing strategy, be flashy (e.g. cool ship, Kamperdine armored jacket, nova viper blaster pistol), be great, build a reputation as a bad ass (in this regard it helps to be Cad Bane’s nephew) and the tough, and therefore also high paying, jobs will come to him.

Thadius (Thad) Bane

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