The Red Talon

Party's former ship, a modified Loronar E-9 Explorer


 photo E-9_zps6d1324fd.jpg

Silhouette 4
Speed 4
Armor 4
Handling 0
Defense 1, – , -, 1


Belonged equally to Thad Bane and his partner, Tal Lee. But was usually piloted by Vaesha Tarn. It was destroyed by a bomb set by a Czerka hit squad after Tal Lee on Tallaan during Session 11.

 photo G_LOR_E9_E_zps2778137d.gif

 photo E9AccessTubeDeckWhole_zpsbaf38376.jpg

 photo E9MainDeckWhole_zps9ef7c80f.gif

 photo E9LowerDeckWhole_zpsc042d9a8.jpg

The Red Talon

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