Tal Lee (a.k.a. Tal Seario)

Human Survivalist Rifle Expert,rightful heir of ~10% of Czerka


Tal Seario was the only survivor found at the crash site by Thad Bane and his father. Tal’s father, Tell Seario, was the legitimate heir to the Seario family approximate 10% interest in Czerka Arms being the direct descendant of President Pollard Seario, but he decided to flee instead of take the position. The heirs of secondary leaders of Czerka Arms,Jana Lorso and Janos Wertka, are struggling for control of the corporation. The Lorso faction pursued Tal Lee’s family to solidify their rule of the company. The Wertka-Wertko faction was looking to install Tal’s father as President, so their faction can control Czerka Arms and remove the Lorso faction from the president’s position. Until recently ( Session 6), neither the Wertka-Wertko or Lorso factions believed that Tal Seario survived the crash.

Thad Bane and his father brought the young Tal back to their home town (Dere) on Galtea, an agricultural and mining world in the Kathol Sector, where he was adopted by the Lee homesteader family. Tal seeks to follow his father’s wishes and leave Czerka Arms and sees himself as a farmer. He also fears that some in the farming community on Galtea would respond negatively to his biological family’s past, so it is a closely guarded secret. However, those close to the Lee family know that Tal seemingly appeared out of nowhere as a child.

Tal and Thad have been have been close since Tal was found at the crash by Thad’s father. Tal Lee supports his adoptive family’s farm, which has fallen on hard times. Tal left with Thad because the Lorso faction was investigating the crash again, and he wanted to watch his friend Thad’s back. The Wertka-Wertko faction is still motivated to locate Tal; the Lorso family would want to kill him. Czerka Arms is supplying the Empire, so the Empire keeps the corporation under surveillance to protect the supply chain.

Tal Lee (a.k.a. Tal Seario)

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