Droid Technician and Doctor


M4-RK, a droid technician and doctor, has a particular talent for patching together both organics and machines. Its knowledge of organics’ anatomy gives it an advantage in melee, where it can inflict severe strain or even knock enemies unconscious. M4-RK also has integrated mountaineering armor and gear, and can climb even slippery vertical surfaces without trouble.


M4-RK belongs to Thad and his partner, in terms of property rights. However, M4-RK really considers itself a partner rather than a tool. Its owners chose not to wipe M4-RK’s memory, so it has grown beyond its original programming and developed a bit of a snarky “bedside” manner (not that it often gets to treat injuries next to a real hospital bed!).

M4-RK, an emergent AI, believes strongly in the rights of all droids (except for stupid sentries and crab tanks). Nevertheless, its behavioral inhibitors still govern its actions.


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