Karsten Eshan

Katana-packing human thug




Karsten Eshan was born on Taris V in the Ojoster sector on the Outer Rim to a Tarisin bar-owning mother, Mara Eshan, and a soon-to-leave-planet spacer father, Kal Peq. He grep with one foot in the populated, modern and functional part of Taris and another foot in the ancient ruins of the Taris that existed before Darth Malak bombarded the planet from orbit. The ruins provided a place to play, and in time, a place for young Karsten to turn to thuggery with a local two-bit gangs, the Black Blades.

With the intervention of a longtime family friend, who also happened to be the local don of a sector-wide organized crime family, the Pardok family, Karsten was quickly shipped off-world and began doing thug work for the Pardoks throughout the Outer and Mid Rims. His skills were crucial in several high-value corporate data heists, which earned him recognition, and eventually the freedom to leave the Pardok family‚Äôs employ. Karsten has taken to wandering the stars in search of work, which thus far has not gone anywhere near as well as he would have liked…

Karsten Eshan

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