Han Vane

Gank Assassin out to avenge the death of his "murder"


Han Vane (character sheet as of the beginning of session 13) is a Gank assassin in the employ of Grondo the Hutt. Han is unusual for a Gank in that he does not work in a “murder” (the Gank word for a “pack”) of other Ganks. This is because the rest of his “murder” was killed on a job for Grondo. Han is out to avenge the deaths of his “murder” and Grondo fully supports this. Han’s father is one of the best (and possibly the best) vibroblade smiths in Hutt space; it was he who crafted Han’s vibro-katana. Han’s mother is one of the best cyber techs on Nar Shaddaa; it was she who installed Han’s cybernetic implants. Ganks are a species of cyborgs, it’s their cultural norm. Han Vane’s cybernetic implants include a strength enhancing cybernetic arm with a built in dragoon cavalry blaster, cybernetic reflexes, an adrenal implant, and a Gank comm implant. His vibro katana has a “magnetic tether” which allows him to call/levitate it to his hand as if he were using the force, provide that it is in engaged range with him.


Han Vane

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