Grondo the Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord


Grondo is a member of the Anjiliac kajidic. He is also the employer of Andra, and often patron of the crew of the The Red Talon/The Redshift Raven (i.e. the player characters, PCs). Zordo the Hutt is a clan mate of Grondo and the two are frequently rivals/frenemies jockeying for positions of power within their clan. Andra’s love interest Var Aruru used her to steal a data chip, containing Grondo’s clan’s business dealings, that was to be auctioned on Coruscant in Session 2. Zordo had sent his major domo Zhad’seca to the auction to bid on the chip, but did not win the auction. Fortunately, the PCs managed to recover the data chip and destroy all the copies that were made. For this the, Grondo owes each of the PCs (excluding Andra) a “favor” that they can call in at a later date. When conflict between PCs and Ka’rin Bel reached a level that was becoming problematic, Grondo and Zordo came to an agreement forbidding conflict between the PCs and Ka’rin. This prompted Ziggy (a childhood friend of Vaesha Tarn) to aid Emil Mola in his mysterious objectives in exchange for the Mola Cartel’s assistance in dealing with Ka’rin permanently. After Czerka assassins targeting Tal Lee (a.k.a. Tal Seario) blew up the Red Talon In Session 11 Grondo encouraged Tal to reclaim control of the Seario family approximately 10% share in Czerka and to become CEO of Czerka so that he could deal with the Lorso faction trying to kill him.

In Session 12, the Hutt Ruling Council sent Grondo to represent Hutt financial interests at the Czerka board meeting to elect the next Czerka CEO.


Grondo the Hutt

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